04 September, 2010

Now it's bloody raining?! WTF???

Yesterday, the whole week in fact, we were bathed in glorious sunshine.  Today it's pissing down and I need to go to Portabello to collect a birthday present.  Shite!! 
Think the sun is upset because it knows Leesa and Graham are packing up their container for life in Ozzie-land.  Was thinking of hiding it in my back garden so they can't go but quickly noticed that garden is only a third of the length of the container so. . . no go. 
I've knows Lee and Graham since we got a huge dog several years ago (2006 to be precise) and I needed someone to reassure me I wasn't going to be cooking up the internal organs of a pig for ever.  I knew they had a HUUUUGE dog as I'd seen it and hidden from it if the truth be told.  The dog didn't last longer than a week but the friendship did.  I don't think I've ever met someone with such a capacity for laughter and living.  She's fantastic.  They both are.  Graham introduced some fairy amazing swearing into my vocab and Lee, well, she's one of my best mates. 
I've been trying to push myself away over the past few months as I'm genuinely heartbroken that they are leaving.  Don't get me wrong, I'm utterly, utterly thrilled that they are going off on this big adventure.  I wish with all my heart it is everything they want from it and more but I'll miss them for me.  As you get older, I find, you don't come across people who rock your world and become lifelong friends (that usually happens when you're 4 or 17) but she did.  They did. 
So.  Am not going to hide the container.  Instead I'm going to stick my chin up and out and get smile and be happy and . . . wow, I'm lucky to have such a great mate.   But then, so is she!!

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