03 September, 2010

Sun glorious sun

It's suntastic at the moment and I'm baking sitting here in the kitchen with the sun beating down on my back.  Love, love, love sunshine.  Especially love it when it turns up in September for that last hit before the clocks go back. 
Had a great morning.  Coffee with some fellow mammies, where we put the worlds to right and I discovered I'm the only one to have ever received an accidental Hollywood.  I'm not joking.  It can be done.  Apparently there's also a . . . er . . . not brazillian but somethng else which ends up with you having wax all over your nether regions and your leg behind your ear.  You'd imagine that I would have cottoned on to something being wrong as I'd never been asked to have my leg behind my ear for previous waxings.
I also discovered I'm not the only one to have had their son pee in a bottle whilst stuck in a car.  What else?  Oh yeah, the first time my friend's little girl ever saw a boy's willy (she was nearly 3) she thought he had a tail.  How sweet is that?  I asked if she also thought his head was on backwards?  Think about it.
What else?  No-one other than C & L calls ladybits 'fuffies' (although the word 'bumblebee' will stay in my mind)  and . . . oh yeah, I regaled everyone (poor man) about how Darren once got waxed and he reacted badly to it.  'Badly' insofar as his skin was upset not him throwing a hissy fit.  But, as previously mentioned the man indoors look like he' been knit, the poor girl didn't know where to start and finish him so he looked like he was wearing hairy dungarees.  Now!  There's an image for you.

Tis the end of the first week back at school and I don't know about the kids but I am shattered.  Babysitting tonight and the supermarket is calling.  Bleugh.  Shall defo babysit but pretending I can't hear the shops shouting.  Or the kids for that matter as there is nothing in that is remotely edible.

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