22 September, 2010

Poor # 3

Every morning he is the first up, down and dressed.  He has his breakfast and brushes his teeth.  Mostly he remembers his schoolbag as we head to the car for school (mostly I remember I should say) but . . .  poor, poor # 3.  He is so very, very tired.  He's not taking to this 9am - 1.30pm day very well.  Every, and by this I mean 'most', days we have the same conversation on our way to school:
# 3      How many days until a day off?
Me     Er, in this instance right now, 2 days.
# 3     Right, then it's 2 days off and then another 5 days, right?
Me     That's it love.
# 3     Yeah, 5 days in, 2 days off for 15 years.

Awww, isn't that so awful?  Poor chap.

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