22 September, 2010

What else has been going on?

Had a lovely hour with B&M today to discuss the website for the perfectionist in me.  Am so very terrified of going out there and say ing "I'm a cake maker".  What if I'm just a fraud??  Then there's the outlay, whoohoo for Credit Unions, shall meet with them tomorrow so cross your fingers.
Am also sitting here typing this debating with myself as to whether or not I'll go kick boxing.  This will be my 5th class, 2nd this week, and I know once I start bouncing around I'll love it but, there's always a 'but', it's pissing down with rain and it's dark and . . . .  I wannnnnna read my book.  I want to stay in where it's cosy and NOT go to kick boxing.  But I didn't go walking and I want to be thinner (do you like that?, sounds like I could be thin already hahah) and I just got a message from K.   She's the woman who talked me into this class in the first place.  It says:

"Well, the winter is coming so get used to the rain!  Put your rain coat and hat on and I'll see you there.  Yes, I'm going and you paid already . . .  ." 

Cow!  That's what I said to her.  Fuck it, here goes nothing.  She's definitely getting lots of fairy cakes on Friday!!!
If I wasn't going to the class I'd tell you about all the other stuff that's been going on.  Shall have to leave you in suspense now.  Balls anyway. 

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