08 September, 2010

Rain, rain - washing line dilemmas

Today I was in an out like a blue arsed fly (whatever that's suppsed to mean) putting the washing out, taking it in, putting it out (and shaking it all about, you do the hoke. . . . etc,) that when it started to rain again just as I was dashing off to get #3 I folded the twirly line up and carried it into the kitchen, clothes and all and left it on the foor.
When I got home again I looked at the washing pole/line thing.  Looked at the sky (glorious blue but with dark clouds just over towards Swords) and I had a Eureka moment.  I opened the washing line/twirly thing in the kitchen and left it there to dry the clothes.  The kichen is south facing.  With big glass windows.  Excellent for drying clothes I thought.  And, you know what?  I was right.  Clothes bone dry by the time I came home with sons #'s 2 and 1.  Even though it was lashing rain.  I think I might be onto something big.


  1. Make sure you put some plastic sheeting out to protect those lovely wooden floors.... then invest in a clothes horse :)

  2. I'm putting together a book of household tips. Have a clothes horse but . . . the clothes are out, ya take them in, ya put them out. Plus you don't get that lovely breezy thing going that you get with a twirly line x