09 September, 2010

Yet another list of stuff I hope to achieve. Time limit 7pm this evening.

  1. Clean out reptiles.  Seriously, icksville.
  2. Ironing - see, this is what happens when you finally get your clothes dry.  You have to iron the sodding thigs whilst loading up the machine to start all over again.
  3. Wash floors - the borrowed boy keeps looking at me and his hands and shaking his head.
  4. Collect #3 at 11.45 - roll on next week when it's finally 1.30 (whereupon the 'I'm tired whining will start all over again.  He's tired????)
  5. Leg it home, feed the borrowed boy and run back out to attend mtg with # 2's teacher.
  6. Collect # 2 and drive around corner to sit in car listening to kids killing each other whilst waiting for # 1.
  7. Drop #1 at party at 2.30.
  8. Collect # 1 from a party while simultaneously dropping # 2 at a party.  I'm going to test quantam physics by putting myself in two places at the one time.
  9. Pick up present for #2's party.
  10. Pick up wedding present for odd neighbours next door in a bid to make them bloody friendlier and less odd and know it all.  Shit, hope they don't read this but shall take chances.
  11. Sit down and do PC a/cs so I can set Bernie up with just enough money to buy a coffee for herself.
  12. Buy stamps and post back the dvd I said I posted on Monday.
  13. Shit, remember to feed people.
  14. Exercise???????????????????????????
Yeah, that's the list.  Shall let you know how I get on.  As long as the borrowed boy sleeps for an hour or three (sshhhh, don't tell his ma and da) I should get some of the above done. 

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