07 September, 2010

Things I took for granted yesterday. i.e. before kickboxing

  • Putting my bra on.
  • Ditto, t-shirt, knickers, socks etc. 
  • Trying to hang out the washing.
  • Trying to make bloody fairycakes for charity coffee morning.
  • Trying to change gear whilst driving.
  • Typing - using straw and mouth here.
  • Drinking tea - doesn't taste good through a straw, sad face.
  • Picking up the borrowed boy.
  • That saggy arms are good, natures way of .  . dunno, will come back to it.
  • Coming down the stairs. 
  • Stirring pasta.
Yup, these and more are the things I've taken for granted for the past 37.7 years.  No longer shall I stir sugar into my tea and not marvel at the wonderfulness of it all.  Ditto putting on underwear and walking downstairs.

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