22 September, 2010

Three cheers for Karen

Re. earlier post.  Didn't want to leave house.  Got a text off Karen.  Felt like a lazy bint for not wanting to leave comfy house so did leave comfy house to find gym in total darkness.  Oh happy days!!!!  Maybe it was cancelled.  Maybe it was cancelled but I get brownie points anyway for turning up . . . . nah, just too early.
Went to class.  Thought my left arm would fall off.  It didn't.  Had forgotten how heavy my legs were but thoroughly enjoyed the class.  Even the lousy sit ups at the end.  So . . .
Thank you Karen for reminding me that rain is just rain and winter is coming so toughen up!!! 
p.s. still going to make fairy cakes for you.  hmmmm, peanut butter ones perhaps.  all lower case now, no strength in arms to hit 'shift'.  shower.  bed.  book.  tea.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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