07 October, 2010

And another thing - for Dee x

I've been moaning and groaning about going to Kickboxing (from now on known as KB - too frickin' tired to type all those other letters) but I have to say I love it.  Can't say I've lost any weight but I have lost inches and apparently being healthy and fit is what it's all about.  Though, in  my opinion, being thin is what it's all about.  Don't give a tuppence for being able to hop on one foot for 2 minutes but would give right arm to be several sizes smaller.  SEVERAL!!!!  Stuff fit.  Damn fat!!  All hail skinny.
Anyway, after four weeks of kb classes I no longer look like I'm going to explode by the middle of the class.  I no longer sound like a dirty aul' wan heavy breathing down a phone line at some teenage pervy boy (your average teen then).  Instead, I hop, bounce, stay on my toes, sweat buckets and kick, box and kick some more.
Yesterday we did 'tummy work' which is a . . . well, let's put it this way, there is too much of me in the middle for me to be able to do one of those sit ups where your elbows meet your knees.  Far too much of me in the middle.  I huff and puff but . . . it's like when you squeeze a flog (marshmallow to the poshies), the ends get kinda closer but don't actually touch.  Pretty picture, eh?  Well, here's a prettier one.
At the end of the class yesterday we were all sat on the floor with our backs straight and our legs as far apart as we could get them, something to do with hamstrings - all I could think of was ham sambo as was starving at this point, and you had to crawl your hands out in front of you and push your head towards the ground.
I pushed my head towards the ground.  My belly pushed my tits towards my face and before you knew it my sticky/icky/sweaty boobs were stuck to my chin!!!!  Then my nose.  Then I nearly passed out as I couldn't breathe.  From laughing or near self suffocation I'm not sure but wow  . . .  what a mental image.

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