07 October, 2010


So today was mental. Not the usual kind of mayhem mentalness but mental nevertheless. Had cake to be collected so had to get house i.e. kitchen looking like it was a safe place to buy a cake from and not the health hazard it resembles. Just about pulled it off, shame I left all the knickers and socks off the line surrounding the cake box!
Actually, had no real excuse for house being tip-like as Harry has gotten up over the past few days at 6am, woken his brothers and had them ready for school as in, uniforms on, breakfast eaten, lunches made and in bag and teeth brushed.  By 6.45!!!!  Nos. 2 and 3 are so nice to him as well.  He doesn't have to turn blue from shouting before they lift spoon to mouth or find shoes.  Don't know how he does it but I'm impressed.  Mostly inpressed as I don't have to get up in such a panic now.  Bad mother alert.
Hooked up with both A and C for two separate bouts of coffee drinking. If I hadn't've (is that a word?) had so much coffee I may have actually made it beyond the kitchen and got some other rooms sorted out. Nothing like your in-laws minding your kids over the weekend to put the fear of god into you. Keep forgetting my MIL is small. Which means I actually don't have to dust above my shoulder height. Not sure whether to leave house as it is, thus showing me up for the slutty housewife that I am or pretend I'm superwoman by cleaning everything including the skirting boards. If I leave the house as it is she may clean it for me BONUS!!! But is it worth being thought a slattern? What if she doesn't clean it? Aaagh. I want a cleaner.
So, splat?! Was driving with the borrowed boy to collect, in the following order, # 3, #2 and # 1 sons when something hopped off the roof of the car. Actually, it didn't so much hop as go BANG! On the roof!! At first I thought I may have hit something, worrying in itself as it has to be a bad thing if you hit something but remain completely unaware of it. Anyway, I continued driving up the traffic lights and then noticed a tail. A fluffy tail. A fluffy tail sliding of my roof and down the windscreen. The tail was followed by the rest of the squirrel!!
A squirrel went splat on the roof of my car. I don't know if it was an old squirrel that just tripped off the mortal coil or if it was a suicidal young squirrel or . . . either way, it's a dead squirrel now!

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