18 October, 2010

Apparently . . .

you don't tell people how shattered you are if you want them to like you.  Read something like that today or yesterday, don't remember as am completely and utterly knackered.  Don't care if you don't like me I'm just being honest.  I to do the 'yeah, yeah, life?  Great.  Fantastic.  Kids?  Excellent, etc. etc.'.  In reality I'm this close to catatonic and the noise levels of the kids is close to that of a . . . what's loud?  Am so tired I can't even think of a loud thing. 
Played a game of doctors with Arthur today.  He was the doctor and I was the patient (according to nos. 2 and 3 women can't be doctors they have to be nurses.  They can't be policemen either but they can be mammies or teachers!!!!!).  Apparently I was nearly dead having been in a brutal fight with some villian.  Suited me down to the ground.  He poked and prodded and I rested my eyes and remembered to moan every now and then.  Oi!!!!!! 
Right, time for dinner.  Time for judo.  Time for me to come up with some excuse to get out of going to KB.  The fact that it's cold and miserable doesn't cut any . . can't remember that saying . . . with the wan who must be obeyed.  K.  She insists I get a bigger coat and remember that my arse is huge.  Actually, I made up that last bit.  She may think it but she has the niceness of being to not mention size of my arse. 
Okay, . . . time to move . . . . . . aaargh.  I hate Mondays. 
The article I read about being nice and not moaning and instead be la di da life is wonderful really did say you'd have a better lot of friends if you were la di da wonderful and not ho hum knackered.  But you know what?  I think I prefer balanced friends.  Friends who are constantly chipper make you want to strangle them.  Likewise miserable friends.  I'm sitting on the fence here.  I can see a rainbow and butterflies but I'm cold and frickin miserable.

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