19 October, 2010

I thought I was having some sort of breakdown

but realised if you could type about it you probably aren't.  Panicking over cakes I have to make this week, in the shape of a bra.  My own boobs leave a lot to be desired as does my underwear so I'm been stalking the net and eyeing up my friends racks to see if . .. .  Finally made it though, now I have to work out is there a body attached or is it just a bra and a pair of tits.
Also realised I wasn't having a nervous breakdown when my lovely mate C came over bringing with her, her lovely mate M.  I've known M for ages but not really known her (if you know what I mean), either way we have fallen in cake love and are planning a life together.  She made beautiful pumpkin whoopie pies and they were fantastic.  I would post a pic of them but forgot to take one.  Also, was very bold, took the remaining cakes she left here and presented them to the mammies at the school pretending they were mine!!!  How lousy is that?  I did tell my favourite mammies that they were in fact M's (she's American.  Therefore has connections.  She can get sodding canned pumpkin!!!).  That is one very talented girl there but for some unknown, groundless reason she doesn't seem to think she's any good?!  Jesus, she can make sushi out of rice crispies and mean alien cakes and frogs.  She can do buttercream!!!!!  The cakers out there will know what that means.  She also can look at a blank plate and know what to paint on it.  I look at a blank plate and . . . well, I just colour it in and hope for the best. 
Me and C then had a proper catch up.  She changed arses and I fed baby boys . . . one spoonful for you and another for you and so on and so on.  Same with pudding.  Love the borrowed boy and Cn together.  They have fun.  The borrowed boy even looked at M's and C's wee men running around and made a valiant attempt to go after them.  Me and C are going, with kids, to Causey Farm next week.  For a Halloween scarefest.  Okay, so it's a scarefest for 6 year olds but it should still be a blast.
Nowt else.  Shall go back now and start rethinking my diddy cake.  Please, please will someone ask me to make a wedding cake????  Something classy.  Please??????

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