31 October, 2010

Arthur aka # 3

He's my little-est boy.  He looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth and, right now, he is driving me insane.  He is soooooo full of energy that he just can't stop.  Which means he gets himself banned from going out 'trick or treating' and worse.  We, 'we' being the man and myself, had said that we'd do our best to row back on the punishment we threw at him yesterday (not going out for halloween night) by giving him the opportunity to get on everyones good side.  That went out the window when the first we saw of him this morning was him having a hissy fit at the bottom of the stairs.  Aaaaaagh.  He's the kind've kid that, well, if you kept him in or let him go out he wouldn't be bothered.  He wouldn't notice he was being punished.  He's a git.  He's mine.  And today I 'scared the shit out of him' when I jumped out from behind the door dressed for halloween.  It made my day.  He damn near peed himself but it made me smile.  Is it wrong to enjoy scaring the shit out of the little shits in your lfie?
Poor # 1 was gutted when no-one got that he was dressed as a girl and NOT actually a girl when he went trick or treating (or helping the halloween party).  Still, it didn't stop him calling at nearly every house he thought might have something for him.  He actually looks kinda slutty in a Brittney Spears kinda way, dontcha think?  Apologies, tired, hence brutal use of the English language.
As for the other fella, # 2.  You know, I don't think it's possible to take a bad photo of him.  I mean you could spin yourself and himself in circles and then snap and . . . he'd be bang centre looking gorgeous.  
This photo is here just 'cos I love it.  Pure fluke of a one too.

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