02 November, 2010

Why are you hammering shoes onto the wall?

Asked the kids and himself.  Because they look cool!  And they must do because the very stylish Urban stems said it was vintage charm at it's best!  So there!
Actually, had a ball at last month's flea market.  L came in and bought the most beautiful old radiogram cabinet and a very funky chair.  C bought a great hall unit and I bought shoes (red ones of course) and a lovely handbag and earrings.  Which still left me with change from €20.  Can't go wrong really.  S, herself bought a fabulous yellow bag.  It's really funny.  S has her bag thing.  I have my shoe (and mirror) thing and C has this thing for, amongst others, side tables.  Myself and C also did a deal where she bought a mirror that was too big for her space to swap with me for the mirror I have that is perfect for her.  I'm easy y'see, I just wanted a mirror to go over china cabinet.
Had lovely pizza and homemade lemonade and time to go home and get ready for halloween.  Photos of which you've probably seen by now.  
God, am so boring today.  Am so tired from being up all night coughing that I am struggling to string a sentence together.  Never mind tell you something funny.  I am so bleugh that I am going to crash out on the sofa, under a duvet for as long as the borrowed boy sleeps.  Ssssh, don't tell him mammy but if he wants to sleep til 12 noon I'm right there beside him.  
Have list of stuff to complete before the week is out.  Y'know, stuff like hoover and change beds and empty dishwasher.  But I'm starting to wonder "WHAT IS THE POINT?"  I don't think himself is that upset (ri-i-i-ight) when he comes home and it looks post bomb like so why am I breaking my neck and heart trying to keep this place tidy?  The kids just undo it all with a school bag flung here or there.  Shoes all over the hallway.  Lunch / dinner detritus waiting to go into the dishwasher.  BTW, I have stopped loading the dishwasher as I am pissed off with yer man reloading it and harumphing whilst he does it.  He keeps trying to teach me how to do it 'right' but . . . who gives a toss.  I may load it inefficiently (or wrong) but stuff comes out clean so that's that.  
Going to have cup of tea, under duvet and watch spooks.  Borrowed boy is awake!!  He only slept for 14 minutes.  Exactly!!!  Let's see what he makes of British intelligence agencies and the bad guys they run up against.  Every week.  


  1. Enjoy a cup of tea. I am! Love love the shoes and the mirror worked out a dream. Im really 'trying' to embrace the lived in look!! x

  2. I'm trying too but as I don't seem to have any control over my kids I'm going to keep trying to control the house x