05 October, 2010


Right, so everyone knows that I was terrified of flying?!  Well, I made it.  There and back.  The landing in BHX was, er, a tad bumpy (think 'BANG") and all the lads had a good chuckle and a 'hurhurhur, wouldn't want to see her reversing".  We obviously had a female pilot, eh?  I was cursing her myself but nothing like someone taking the piss out of a woman's driving to immediately get you on side.
The great news is MY AUNTIE LILY IS FANTASTIC.  She looks way better than I thought she would.  Was terrified she'd have shrunk further and be even teenier but no, she is fantastic.  A bit wheezy and a bit slower but fantastic.  Phew.  The new man of the house, Rohan, is lovely.  Poor bugger suffers from reflux and colic but he soldiered on and allowed me to get a years worth of hugs from him.  Looooove that baby smell.  M is good, managed not to rise to his Catholic diatribe this time.  Something I am very proud of.  Aagh, really irritaes me when people hate people for that opinion??  I mean, how is that sensible?  I don't agree with lots of people's opinions but I don't hate them for it.  Incidently the opinion in question is that of Stephen Fry.  He doesn't believe in God and M is not impressed by that. 
But enough.
N has a big arse.  Which, under normal circumstances, would be a terrible thing to say but she's so skinny normally and she's just had a baby so now she has a huge arse.  Happy days for me.  Seriously, her and the Denis relations.  I feel like I'm an Amazon beside them and I'm going to crush them with a hug.  Either they're tiny or I really am frickin' huge.  Ssssshhhhhh!  Don't be rude.
A load of the cousins came up to see me and it was magic.  I got to see Jez, Michelle, Mabby, Andy and their lovely daughter, Lily.  I got to see (one of my faves) Aaron and Jordan, Jess and their ma Eva and their da Sean  Everyone, cousin-wise, is taller than me.  I felt like a midget beside the cousins.  We had a big chilli cook-out and chilled and drank cider.  Aaron gave me some badges for my jacket just like he said he would and I have my fingers crossed that he gets that cool job in London. 
What else?  Nowt really.  Brutal weather.  Excellent company.  Two beautiful kids and my beautiful N to catch up with.  Excellent cider and family.  Lots and lots of my family.  My family is small y'see, so it's lovely to see them all around me.
Home, mearly missed the flight.  Memo: never stay with a breastfeeding mother - she'll be far too chilled about how long it takes to get to the airport.  Made it though and here I am.  Safe and sound in Dublin. 
Up to snears in my kids, homework, cakes and hugs.  Happy days.  Oh, and kick boxing.  But that's another story.

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