05 October, 2010

I'm starting to believe in the death penalty

Well, this isn't the first post I expected to be putting up after my trip to Birmingham.  Nah, instead I'm writing about a lovely bloke, Lukasz Rzeszutko, who worked in my local fish shop.  Kish, I've mentioned it before.  It's where I buy my fish.  Fish sold by lovely, helpful people.
He was murdered on Saturday night. 
I can't say I knew him that well.  But he was someone who obviously enjoyed his job and didn't get bothered when you rushed in, 5 minutes to closing time, trying to make up your mind what would be best for dinner.
He was murdered.
He was murdered by a group of lads hanging around Coolock Industrial Estate.  A group of lads with nothing better to do than kick the head in of some poor bloke.  A bloke who was minding his own business and going to work at 5a.m. 
Murdered.  By a couple of scumbags who were . . . I don't know, bored.  Fed up with their lot?  I'm fed up with my lot but I'm not kicking someone's head in.  I'm not hanging about picking on a lone bloke.  A fella on his way to earn his wage.  Most decent folk are muttering and grumbling about the state of things but we're good folk.  We put our heads down and get on with it.  We don't get pissed and kick some poor man's head in.
His parents have come to get his body.  His girlfriend is left alone.  All because a couple of c**** had nothing better to do than pick a fight with some fella doing nothing more than going to work.
A guy was murdered in a road rage incident in Sandymount, where I grew up, last week.  God knows how many other murders are happening out there as I type.  I'm starting to believe in the death penalty.  Hah, a couple of years and they'll be out on parole. 
Just like the bastards who stole a car and drove it into my cousin's car a couple of years ago.  Leaving his son without a dad and his mum and dad without their only son.  They were bored too, those lads who murdered my cousin.  They stole a car and drove it so fast it left the road and landed on top of his car.  Cracking his head.  Killing him.

I believe in the death penalty. 


  1. Oh my god. I wasnt expecting this post after your trip away. You should send this post to the Irish Times because (maybe change a few words!) it is so well written.xx

  2. What words would you change? Oh right, those words. Probably helps to remove ref. to blog too. x

  3. This post pretty much sums up my thoughts too just i couldnt put it on paper (laptop even) without using a whole load of profanities. Dirty scummy F8ckbag low life c*0ts!!!