15 October, 2010

Oh God!

Just got a lovely text saying "Put your feet up and have a brew.  I will collec tthe boys and meet ya at pjps if that suits".  If it suits??  It's a sign there may actually be a god!  I put a cake on at noon without checking how long it takes to cook.  It takes over an hour and a half.  I only had an hour before having to leave to get kids.  Now thanks to lovely mate I can cook cake to perfection and actually eat my breakfast.
Very, very tired.  Very, very down.  Think it's cos I keep thinking 'this time last week I was . . . .' etc. etc.  I love my lads but it was so nice to be away from them for a couple of days.  Been very tense since I got back, numerous factors e.g. having to hit # 1 for website money, not being, I dunno, glam enough for school and the noise levels in house.
Still, shall be decorating house for halloween today so that should boost us all.  Me!  Lol.  Delivering a cool cake tomorrow.  Not reallly much for me to do but my god, M.  She is brilliant.  She made the most beautiful figures for the top of the wedding cake tower.  The girl is a genius.  Shall post pictures later.
Off now to change a filthy nappy, make my breakfast, make the borrowed boy some lunch and have that cup of tea.  Was going to be sarky over yer wan's comment on my appearance but too tired to be bothered.  Although, I think I am bothered.  Whhhhhhhoooooer!

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