17 October, 2010

Tis Sunday

With such good intentions of taking kids out for a run I got out of bed this morning.  Kids haven't been taken for a run but we did get invited to tea and the dog is puking?!  So, instead, we had dinner early and cleaned house and am now set for week ahead. Nothing like a clean (downstairs) house to make you think you can get through the next week. 
Forgive disjointedness of this mail but am weak as a kitten after migraine yesterday.  Also still shaking from the grilling I got off chemist when I asked for some pain relief.  Jesus, you practically have to give a blood sample to get some decent painkiller drugs.  Fascinating, I think, as you can buy booze and as much of it as you like but you cannot buy the cure for a hangover. 
No news.  Dogs puking.  Dinner has been eaten (by most - the usual suspect turned up his nose.  Apparently he'll only eat cous cous if I pay €6 for it in the National Gallery).  Floors washed.  Washing out and I'm about to have a yummy cup of tea. 
Tis sad that some days I am so easily pleased.  Oh, and instead of having the legs run off them the kids are watching Spongebob so everyone really is happy.  If a bit spaced out.

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