12 October, 2010

Our official anniversary day, 10.10.10 and ten years married today too

Hmm, London. Love it. Love it, love it, love it. Had to leave our lovely hotel today, sad face. Shame etc. Woke up this morning much as I did ten years ago (only not preggers) to find myself with a headache beside a sweaty snoring D. Ten years ago waking up beside a sweaty snoring man on the morning of my wedding put me into such a state of panic I ended up with a migraine, rang my mate Frances for advice (“marry him, you love him, it’s cold feet. This is why ONE should never spend the night before their wedding with their nearly husband”). Talking to himself had been no use. He said I was being psycho and if I wanted to call of the wedding I could ring EVERYONE myself!!! Jesus, hadn’t he ever heard of cold feet. Obviously I went through with it, mainly cos I didn’t want to make that many phonecalls lol.
So, woke up with sore head. Took migraine tablet with solpodeine!!! It worked too. Then D. Charmed me to . . . ooooh, somewhere wonderful by taking me to the Columbia Road Flower Market. Wow!!! Great flowers, great sellers “you’re a tourist? Fuck off then!” and “chilli peppers, torpedo yellow or blow your bollox off red”. Brilliant.
Lots of flowers and then a flea market thrown in. Decided there and then that should I ever win the lotto there are three women in my life (S, C and M) who shall be flown to London so we can admire flowers and shop til we drop in the flea.  I think I mentally spent a fortune, actually I KNOW I could've spent a fortune.  As it was all I bought was a couple of cool postcards and a red dog.
Later we went to this deadly bagel place that stays open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We queued and got hot salt beef bagels. When I was in London years ago the very idea of ‘hot salt beef’ was bleugh, turns out I’ve grown up a bit. Also turns out that hot salt beef is another name for corn beef! The Irish didn’t invent it after all, the Jewish did. Yay for them. Yay for the bagel and yay for Darren for going so utterly out of his way to make sure our anniversary weekend was wonderful. Everything he did, he did for me. Ooooh, spewtastic. Sounds like a crappy, oh yeah, Bryan Adams song. But he did. Everything for me, that is. Liberty, Chinatown, Afternoon Tea, taking me back to Vintage Movie shop so I could get badges, Jack the Ripper, Pino and his lovely seabass, the V&A, Jane Asher and a walk along the Thames. Not forgetting Brick Lane and a fabbo hotel.
I’ve been thinking a lot about the past ten years over the past few weeks and, apart from or two things I’m really happy. Nice, huh?
Columbia Road Market
Brick Lane

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