12 October, 2010

Saturday, 9th October - London

Hahhaha, myself and D. Were sitting on the Thames, as you do, on Sunday trying desperately to remember what we did on Saturday. Saps. We went to the V&A. We got in the door, I looked at the map, looked at some clothes, got distracted by the shop and, oh the shame, left!!!! The place is huuuuuuuuge. It’s so big I didn’tknow where to start so I . . left. D reckons I only went there to get badges. He may be right.
Then we spent ages wandering around the flashest of flash neighbourhoods trying to find a cake shop. Eventually did find it but only with the help of a cab. Jane Asher’s shop rocks. What else? Oh yeah, watched a guy drop the guts of £3,600stg on Taschen book. Imagine how many books one could buy in W.H.Smith for that? D. Spent a princely £45.00. Poor feckers behind the till went from whhoooohooo to oh! Oh, and another thing, nearly every fella we met in London was gay. I felt like the odd one out. We were the only straight couple in most of the places we went. From Liberty to Taschen to the Flea. Fun times.
I also got to drink coconut water Kensington style. i.e. out of the actual coconut and it was delicious. I love London. I do, I do.
Oooh and, nearly forgot, D. took me out to afternoon tea.  Seriously!!!   Afternoon tea with scones and clotted cream and everything. 
Had to crash out that evening as we were bollixed tired. Woke up feeling wonderful and had one of those showers that you only get to ever have in a hotel, a powerful one. Would give right arm to have that shower in my house. One of those huge shower heads and room to bend over in the cubicle. OI!!! Get your mind out of the gutter. So, had wonderful shower and headed to wonderful restaurant with my wonderful husband for dinner paid for by my wonderful in-laws. Aaah, life is wonderful. The restaurant was called Stuzzico and run by a guy called Pino. He is EVERYTHING a host should be. He was friendly, chatty and a bit of craic. He also had to great paintings in his place by an artist called Rob Carter.   It was funny 'cos Pino saw me deliberately take a seat that meant I could eyeball this one picture so he brought me over a book of Rob's work.  Most of it was cool but I still only want the picture on the wall.  Maybe if I had £10k I'd buy it.  Maybe. 

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