06 October, 2010

Ow, ow, ow

What a day for ouchness.
First I turned a corner on my way into school with the kids, got blinded by the sun and then nearly blinded my son by whacking him off the edge of a bin!  He's going to have a shiner tomorrow.  It was an accident I swear.
Then I tripped over the frickin' dog, big bruise on thigh.
Speaking of thighs . .  . . mine are now screaming for mercy.  They, and my bum, are unbelievably sore after Monday's kickboxing class.  Good god but seriously????  I know it's worth it.  I know it's fabulous to feel fabulous but for how long do you have to feel wrung out and battered before the fabulousness kicks in.
Oh, and was very bold today.  Gave everyone cake.  Chocolate biscuit cake.  If I can't get skinny faster I am going to do my utmost to fatten them up.  Evil cackle.  No, no cackling.  Cackling hurts poor body.
Later then.