25 October, 2010

Reeling in the Years 2001

I've just finished watching this episode (you'll get it on RTE Player if you hurry).  I'm so sad.  I'd forgotten so much about that year apart from three things.  1.  My lovely # 1 was born.  2.  Foot and Mouth - I was pregnant when a picture was featured on the front of the Irish Times of a day old lamb being taken off to be slaughtered, hormones etc. meant I was in tears for the day and, 3.  The Twin Towers in New York.  
The children of Holy Cross School in Belfast, children, where heckled and jeered and screamed at by adult protestants.  Officers of the RUC had blast bombs thrown at them.  In front of the kids trying to simply go to their local school.
It's a sad, mad world.  I feel really sad having watched so much hatred in 30 minutes of television.  All this hatred in a year where I got to kiss, in my eyes, the face of God when they handed me Harry.  I remember vividly ringing friends very, very early in the morning saying 'the bump has landed'.  So much happiness for me and so much sadness for others.  Others who probably knew nothing or cared nothing for the other's religious' beliefs.  3000 people died in the twin towers and God knows how many in Afghanistan.  All in the year my beautiful boy was born.
I'm going to hit wikipedia now and see if I can understand why so many people hate so many others.  I don't understand.  I really don't.  I know Muslims, Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Christians and even a Buddhist and they're sound.  We talk, don't always agree but we get on quite well. Obviously we get on well, we're friends.  I don't understand.  I asked D. to explain, he said it comes down to fundamentalists.  How can so few manage to bully and kill so many?  
I don't understand.
On a funny note I watched Charlie McCreevey tell the EU that he knew best and that his plans for Ireland.  It was the year the SSI was introduced and that people should really save for a rainy day.  As Homer would say DOH!!!!!

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