13 October, 2010

Why I seem to be lacking as both a person and a mammy

Today, I bumped into one of the glammy mammies from my boys school and she said "ooh, I'd love your confidence Niamh.  You can just pull your hair back and run out without caring what you look like".  I said "cackle, cackle, cackle, yeah, running, bye" and then got no more than 40 paces down the road before thinking 'That bitch slated me!!'.  Then I had a proper giggle,.  I also rang S and A to see if she was being bitchy.  They think she was insecure in herself and full of admiration for me for being so carefree and happy.  Me?  I think she was having a bad day and was just being a cow.  Still, apart from having bags of confidence (and the quick retort back at ya skills of a maggot in bleach i.e. I only ever think of a quick comeback the next day.  In this case "I'd love your neck/bad manners/rich husband and car) I'm not bothered.
As for bad mammy?  I have spent the past three days looking for # 2's school shoes.  Turns out #3 was wearing them everyday.  Which means I now have to find # 3's shoes instead of # 2s.  I also sent # 3 into school yesterday with his trousers on back to front and his jacket inside out.  On Monday I left the school with # 3 but not # 2!!  I was walking out alongside a kid with the same hair and colouring thinking it was # 2.  Yesterday I walked up with a child I thought was # 1 but was someone elses number something.
I seem to be struggling this week but feck it, it's Wednesday so nearly there.


  1. Struggle nearly over - its practically friday! Made your thai squash soup - amazing! Having it for lunch tomorrow with prawn crackers ..I will sign off in the words of your next door table guest in London baby - num num!!!LOL! x