03 November, 2010

Cough, splutter, yuck.

I'm not well.  I've been not well for over a week now but been fighting it.  Today I officially give up trying to fight the lurgy and am giving in.  Completely and utterly!
I'm not on Neurofen cold and flu as lemsip max strength isn't working.
Last night yer man sent, yes SENT, me to bed as I was fast asleep on sofa.  I woke up to a cup of tea and the order to go to bed.  I duly went but not before carrying on like a sulky teenager.  "I'm not going to bed", "Who're you to tell me what to do?" etc.  
So, no kick boxing for me tonight.  Instead I'm going to hit the hay with several magazines and a hot water bottle.  How very retro.

See you soon xx


  1. Hugs to you. Cup of tea and mags can hopefully cure this and if not take the nurofen plus!! Sinead x

  2. On second box of nurofen. Sigh, still it's the weekend so fingers crossed.