24 November, 2010

First rule of Cookery Club! - Oscar's Cloud Cake and Cinnamon Buns

Today we had our second 'here's how to make a cake' session.  Loved it.  Loved it even more than the last one.  Had mini Oscar Clouds for everyone when they arrived so they would have an idea what we were doing.  Made the big cloud and it was finished and covered in cream by the time everyone had to leave to a slice went with everyone.  Plus cinnamon buns.  Jesus, I love those things.  You ROLL them in butter then you COVER them in sugar and cinnamon.  Heart Attach on a plate but what a good way to go.
I love these Wednesdays, was panicking a bit about everything but I really enjoy them.  As I said last week, there's no bullshit just a giggle.  This week we covered, in no particular order:
  • The word 'moist'.  Shudder.
  • Crap doctors our parents love, even though they're shite, because 'he's a lovely man'. etc.
  • Smears.
  • Chocolate - I know!!!  Definitely not in this order.
  • Cameras.
  • Phones.
  • Magic.
  • Santa.
  • How good I am at keeping the kitchen clean (listen, ssshhh, hear that?  That's the sound of Himself pissing himself).
  • Next week (Blue Cheese, Pear and smoked chicken tart).
  • Magic.
  • Tooth fairies and Easter bunnies.
Had a blast.  Think they're having fun too.  I love baking and I love baking when I have a captive audience to eat the finished result.  As I sit here typing I'm thinking 'kick boxing' but I know, cos I can feel the pain, I won't be going cos this bloody headache won't clear.  So, I have to find the willpower to NOT eat the cloud cake or the spicy buns.  But, sadly, my willpower took off sometime last week.  Shame that.  

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