23 November, 2010

I Heart Anna

I have this lovely friend.  Her name is Anna.  She has four sons and I love her to bits.  Especially as she gave me an early birthday present today - so that I can go out for lunch on Friday without worrying.
I also love her because:
She says what she means and she is a bit scary when you don't know her (she talks abruptly - she has four boys remember).
She walks incredibly fast.  It's fun to keep up with her.
She has a great laugh.
She makes you believe in yourself. 
She has four boys so no matter how bad you think you're having it she can tell you a story to make you realise you're not the worst ma in the world just the mother of sons.
She once got very drunk and . . . .  . . not telling.  She'd kill me.  Besides which she'd probably tell you about the time I got very drunk and . . . . .  .
Dozens more reasons but mostly because she's warm, fun and always eats my cakes.  And makes me laugh.  And takes my boys when she can see it getting to much.
Oh, and I also love her because she knows where the bodies are buried and a lot of my dirty secrets so it's safer to love her than have her as an enemy.
Oh, and she's a mean driver.  She seems to think that her car will explode ala Speed if she drops below 50kph.

So, Anna, thank you for my lovely birthday present.  And thanks for being my mate.  xx

Okay, okay, move along now folks, the smaltz is over!!

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