16 November, 2010


Himself went to the supermarket.  He's been at home for the past 9 days with me and the kids for company while he waits for a job to start up after Christmas.  He's not taking it well.  So much so that he volunteered to go to the supermarket as he hasn't been out of the house all day.  Ooooh, I remember that.  When even a trip to to the supermarket could become the event of the week.  Now I simply hate being stuck with kids or stuck in a supermarket where the kids who work there don't know where anything is never mind WHAT it is.  
I digress.  He came in in wretched form because today someone killed two women and their two kids in Limerick.  And a man killed his children before killing himself in Cork.
Now we're both in wretched form.  Fucking hell.  How could you kill your kids?  I know your mind would probably be broken but . . . They're your kids.  They trust you with their life!  How could you take it?  
I'm going to bed now.  The world became a sadder place tonight.  #3, as you know, has been driving us mad but I am so glad he is alive and well and mine.  He will end up in our bed tonight but reckon he'll stay for the cuddle.  Me and himself will need that cuddle.


  1. I don't know if I have ever cried listening to the news before, maybe once or twice, but I did yesterday, every time I listened to it or watched it I cried....how on earth? To think you could go off to work and leave your family at home and get that phone-call a few hours later.
    It makes me wonder how far other people are from this state of mind....very far I hope.
    They say it's a fine line though...

  2. HSE have set up a helpline for people affected by the news. I stopped listening to the news a while ago, was finding it hard to breathe! Can't avoid this. A 5 month old, they didn't even get a good look at the world. Terrifies me.