15 November, 2010

Monday is hereby cancelled

You know how you KNOW you should just pull the duvet back over your head and go to sleep?  Yeah?  Well that's exactly what everyone should have done in this house this morning.
You know you're off to a bad start when you can see your breath.  In your bedroom.  Under said duvet.  Sodding heating went bust last night and I forgot . . .  for all of 2 seconds.  Both plumbers I rang are on holidays??  So we rang yer man's dad, he knows a man, so hopefully a man is coming to fix boiler between the hours of 3 and 5.  Hopefully.
Also woke up to the sound of himself shouting at #3 to stop being a muppet and go upstairs and get dressed.  #3 started shouting back that he's scared and he can't do it.  Himself shouts more then I join in.  So there's poor #3 being shouted at by everyone because he's 'afraid' of being upstairs/anywhere by himself.  Be it day or night.  Poor thing.  It's shitty but myself and himself are both so tired now from #3 joining us in bed (by sleeping ON us) we just react when he starts on.  So nothing is being solved.  Everyone just shouts and gets upset.  Then I get more upset because I'm just reacting and not in a very grown up way e.g. "you're driving me mad, I don't like you sometimes".  Very adult huh?  No, I'm not proud.  But being honest.  Sick of people saying I must be the grown up in this family.  I get tired and cranky too you know.
Anyway, went out to car and tried to start it to burn ice off.  It wouldn't start.  Completely and utterly flat battery!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh.  Drove to school in Beetle, was dazzled by sun as shades were in Ford and well, such an amount of drama for one morning!  Drive to school was lovely though as everything was all crispy and white and clean looking.  The sea looked like a mirror and wish I had've had my camera with me.  
Came home, got car sorted, booked heating fixing man (hopefully).  Jesus, so glad I didn't hit boiler with a hammer.  Got a text off a friend saying 'hit it with a hammer, it's probably just cold'.  I thought he was talking about the boiler but in fact, yup, you guessed it, he was talking about the car battery.  The car needs a new battery apparently.  We'll know (officially) tomorrow if the car doesn't start.  Again.
So.  #3?  Have bought a new nightlight.  Rearranged bedroom so no one can hide between beds and jump out of him.  Fixed light in downstairs loo so it doesn't flicker and, fingers crossed, that'll do it.  
I want to be a good mammy but Jesus they make it hard some days.

p.s. On the plus side, it's been so cold the house is spotless.  Nothing like some serious housework to get the blood flowing.  Actually, I lie.  Three rooms are done.  Went for coffee and muffin then. 


  1. Whatever you do dont let him watch Monsters Inc tonight!???!!

  2. Hahaha. God Shinners I am so tired. x