14 November, 2010

Sorry, the house is a mess

This is what my lovely neighbour said when I called in to say I was too tired to come out and play yesterday.  I don't know where the mess was but my home can knock hers (mess-wise) into the hal'penny place.  It made me think . . . what do people who don't have kids in their houses/lives/whatever do with their time?
Me and yer man have 3 (all boys, all mental) and the borrowed boy to worry about.  We also have a dog, a lizard and a tortoise to consider.  We have no time?  I can't remember what we did before kids.  We didn't have a car so we didn't go away on weekend breaks etc.  I used to go to the gym on Saturdays then meet a friend for lunch, catch up with my dad and then  meet another friend for a quick drink in the late afternoon before heading home.  On Sundays we . . . . . can't remember!  We must've done something.  At that point in my life I was easily bored and sitting still and alone for anything more than 10 minutes wore me out. So what did we do?  I mean, right now, I'd give my right arm to be left alone in a clean, tidy house for a day (two even).  Back then my house would've been always tidy 'cos there was only two of us and we didn't have many toys.  
So?  What did we all do with our time before kids?  
I can't remember!  
Cos I'm tired.  
Oh, and had an eureka moment today.  I actually think I don't actually have SAD I think I'm just frickin' knackered.  Just worked that out today. I'm not blue.  I'm not down or depressed I'm just exhausted.  Phew!


  1. I have been thinking of similar things recently...like when my husband and I used to have meals on our own, which consequently involved conversations, you know the uninterupted kind!? It's mayhem in our house! He took the kids off for an hour today so that I could paint skirting boards without kids under my feet! It was so quiet!

  2. Good to hear you got some quality 'you' time today! Do you ever wish you could communicate telepathically 'cos you're too tired to actually speak out loud? I do. Hey, fancy doing my skirting boards?

  3. We started renovating our bedroom ages ago..totally gutted it, walls and all, reinsulated it. We moved the bigger two kids into one room and we took over our son's room. The plan was that we would have them back in their own rooms by the start of school in September!!!...I'm still working on it. I wish it was done. So No I won't be offering to do your skirting anytime soon!!!
    It's our anniversary on Wednesday, maybe my man and I might get to talk over dinner that night?! Or not.