24 November, 2010


I love # 3.  I do.  With all my heart.  Himself keeps saying 'ah, he's not that bad.  It's not like he's burning cars out or anything'.  That may be.  But he sat on the stairs for half an hour today, actually it just felt like half an hour it was only 10 minutes.  He sat there screaming that he was calm.  Screaming.  Calm??  
Give me strength.
He's in bed now.  I'm watching a programme about Fry and Laurie.  Being reunited.  I can hear him tossing and turning.  He's afraid of the dark.  But it's not dark.  Every light in the house is on.  
Mind you, he did come up to me today and said 'you love me how much?'  I told him I loved him 'THIS much'.  He said 'I love you a googleplex to infinity much'.  I said 'wow, that's a lot of love'.  He cuddled in to me and I, in my head said 'I love you a googleplex to infinity and back much'.  Just like the Hare.  
How does a five year old know of googleplexes??  I'm perplexed.  

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