27 November, 2010

Woke up this morning . . . de na na na nah

Woke up this morning to # 1 saying c'mon get up.  Immediately replied 'nhh?  Away.  Too early', which it was.  It was 6.44 on a Saturday morning.  Sod that.  Then at 8am # 2 came in and said you've got to get up it's snowing.  AAAAgh, told him it couldn't be because I could see out the window and couldn't see any snow falling or snow on the roof.  
After hitting snooze about 4 times I eventually got out of bed to discover that it had indeed been snowing and I was going to be late for work. I've mentioned it before I'm sure, but just in case, I work in Jungle Flowers in Malahide (don't bother with the website at the moment, it's pants and does no justice to the gorgeousness of the shop and what they sell - wait til the Little Design Company get the new one up and running).  Anyway, today I wore in my body armour - as advised by the lovely S and God, she was so right!!!  This is the very, VERY first session I've done in the flower shop in winter where I haven't been cold and cross by noon.  In fact I was still feeling good at 5 and only got cranky at quarter to six because I was hungry.  So three cheers for both S and body armour.  Whilst I think of it, I couldn't find girl long johns so I had boy ones on (thank god I wasn't hit by a bus), they were so funny.  Had this odd little pocket in it.  That ended up somewhere up and around and over my bellybutton.  Think if you had a willy and longer legs you would have been able to pee out of the little belly button pocket thing.  Okay, I'm rambling.  But I'm tired and I still need a cup of tea.  And the kids have eaten all the quality street.  First tin of sweets come into the house in time for the Late Late Toy Show.  Yayayayaya, love the toy show.
Back to the snow.  When #3 got up he said 'look it's Christmas'.  Isn't that sweet?  I think so.

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