21 November, 2010

Oh dear!

So funny.  We went in to Malahide to see Santa switching on the lights.  We got there two hours early which isn't that bad when you consider I normally get to these things a whole week early.  
Had a nice dinner in the Scotch Bonnet, wandered over to the Olde Sweet Shop.  Dropped into Jungle and then on down to New Street to see Santa.  
He was late!  He was very eco-friendly which was very, very funny.  I'm such a cynical cow.  But the funniest, bestest thing about the whole day was # 2.  He was balanced on a windowsill looking out into the crowd but, if he turned around, he could see the rugby match on the tv inside the pub.  So, there began about 15 minutes of # 2 feeding himself the match scores.  At one point it was 13 - 11.  Then, . . .  obviously disaster because, # 2 could be overheard to say "fuck, 13 - 17".  
I love that boy.  Love him.

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