19 November, 2010

Quest for world domination continues!

Today, after a brutal start, got so much better when Billy and Mandy (of The Little Design Company) came down, were very nice and told me the website for my little cake company will be live today.  And now it is!  It's called www.perfectionistconfectionist.com and it looks beautiful.  They took our lovely cakes and built a beautiful website around it.  
That's step 1.  Step 2 is where Mo and I get together a stall for the Christmas Market in Balbriggan.  Step 3 ?  Don't want to tell you yet as it's a big one and don't want to jinx it.  So cross your fngers for me, Bernie and Mo that we take this little business of ours and turn it into a living.  Cake makes the world a happier place, it's good for the soul and ours is delicious.  
So very, very exciting.


  1. Thanks Millie. Am terrified it won't lead to anything now. And terrified it will lol. Did you have a nice anniversary night?