28 November, 2010

Plans to take over the world

Went somewhat awry this morning as was incapable of moving as had been up most of the night vomiting.  #3 started it off at around 9.30 last night (and again at 11pm) and then I was kick started from around 2am.  Aghbluegh.
Touch wood, things are slightly better for me now.  But only slightly.  More worried about t'other end now.  Which means I can't leave the house.  # 3 is feeling decidedly better but not well enough to want to go and play in the snow so I guess he must be bad.
In our house if I get something so does #3 and visa versa.  Himself and #2 always go down together and #1 can go either way.  Which is worse?  Vomiting or pooping?  We're undecided here.  
Ramblings of a tired woman.
Had great fun with M today.  She got a stall in Balbriggan Christmas Market and has asked me to help her out.  All going according to plan me, she and B shall take over the world.  One cake at a time.
What else?  Nowt.  It's snowing.  It's very cold.  My belly and bum are wrecked.  #3 is giving himself a hard time.  I should be helping himself give # 2 and 3 a bath but I can't face it.  
Three cheers for Darren.  He is a grand chap and we're lucky to have each other.  

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