29 November, 2010

Snow Day

Woke up this morning to the lovely sound of . . . . nothing!
Snow had muffled the morning.  Okay, so it was 6.40am and only the blackbirds were giving it any but it was oh so quiet.  Sooooo, we decided to give the kids a snow day and let them off school.  #1 wasn't impressed, at least he wasn't until he realised his mate was off too.  #s 2 and 3 were thrilled.  No school.  WOOTWOOT!  Then it kinda went pear shaped.  No-one wanted to make the 1000 piece jigsaw with me.  Which was a complete pisser as had spent at least 40 minutes finding all the edge pieces.  It's a snowman jigsaw (or the ad for an An Post Christmas stamps).  Have you any idea how hard it is to do a jigsaw of a sodding snowman??  If I ever complete it I'll post the pics.
Fed all the birds in the back garden which really does give me an enormous sense of well being.  Made lovely biscuits to test run our jars.  Bloody hell but they are gorgeous.  Would give you the full recipe but . . . you'll just have to buy the jar heheh.
Oh and snow day has possibly backfired even backfired more as it looks like the kids have tomorrow off too.  An official snow day.  Bugger.

Yeah, so that's it.  Life is muffled and lovely.  I'm finally getting my head around everything that needs to be done for next Saturday.  250 cakes.  10 jars of biscuit mix (chocolate chip and gingerbread men).  Chocolate Biscuit Puddings.  Etc.  Actually, now I'm hyperventilating.  Still, should it work we can move onto stage two of our plan to take over the world.

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