19 November, 2010

Sweet, sweet music

I work up tired and grumpy.  With a sore head and . .. . just bleugh.  You know that feeling?  Then, on the news, I hear Lenihan (our Minister for Finance) saying stuff along the lines of "We have to get used to the idea of not running to NY to do our shopping" and "We have to get used to the idea of a period (four years apparently) of austerity".  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGh.  What sodding planet is this fellah living on?  Really???  
Then I went out to put compostable stuff in our bin and heard the glorious sound of two robins singing to each other.  They were probalby saying stuff like 'piss off, this is my patch' but all I heard was "it's sunny, I've got a red tummy, did I mention it's sunny, isn't life grand".
I feel happier now.  Love listening to birds singing.  Especially robins and blackbirds and thrushes.  Etc. etc.  lol. I feel happier and calmer now.  Doors and windows are wide open to keep the song going on.  The borrowed boy is singing too.  Billy has found his bone and life is good.  
 These are them.  The top one looks like a tennis ball.   Love birds.  But only one at a time, get freaked when I see lots of them together.  Obviously subjected to The Birds when I was younger.  Or I got shat on?

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