16 December, 2010

Best Day Ever

That's what # 3 was singing as we went off to paint a plate together.  I have 3 small boys, one not so small anymore it must be said, and getting time to play with them individually can be hard.  Especially as the cake thing is being build up and I have the borrowed boy here.  
He asked me on Tuesday to take him to paint a plate 'cos he wanted to do a spongebob one.  I said I'd find out where and who was open.  The nearest place is in Portmarnock and it's great but it's a bloody sight more expensive than PJ's in Balbriggan which is where we'd have gone if it was closer yesterday.  I had to paint cows on kids faces.  Long story.
Anyway, me and #3 sat down with our plates.  He sang, I painted too but he did his all by himself and it's lovely.  This is the plate, not quite finished, and . . .  he's right.  It was the best day ever!

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