16 December, 2010

I got it back

T'other day I picked up my remade wedding ring.  It's beautiful.  When I got it home I showed it to himself and he went down on one knee to propose.  "Niamh, after 10 years, would you marry me?" . . . .  . .. "Nah, think I can do better!"  evil cackle.  No.  I said yes.  I mean, what could I say?  I'm 37 (still!!), with three little boys.  Who else would have me??
My engagement ring was a silver band, set with 3 stones.  An aquamarine and 2 moonstones.  I loved it.  Had seen the ring on Juliette Binoche in 3 colours blue and fell in love with it.   It was an Irish Designer and they had one in Angles so I got it.  Or he got it for me.  As we were young and poor (opposed to old and poor now) I couldn't have it in gold but I didn't mind as I was more a silver kind of girl.
So, three kids and a car later means the ring no longer fits.  Darn.  Could diet but pah!
As I have my ma's wedding ring I thought let's get everything mashed up and remade so I brought everything to my favourite jeweller in Malahide and that's what we did.  I gave in my ring, plus my mam's ring and my two wedding bands.  Two because I had one for each time we said 'I do'.  Once in New York and once in Dublin.  
The ring was taken apart.  My wedding rings and my mams one were melted and mixed together and the stones reset and . . . . . . my friend Sinead was with me when I picked it up and she was as soppy as me.  It's beautiful. Really beautiful.  I have something I love and treasure mixed in and combined and woven with something my mam loved.  
Can it get any better?

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