04 December, 2010

Everyone is c-c-c-coughing

Both # 2 and 3 have croup.  Aaagh.  Thanks to advice from the lovely Urban Stems I am keeping the heat on in the bedrooms and keeping it on low and, touch wood, that's helping.  But God, the coughing.  It's awful.
No other news as such.  Had a lovely afternoon in the phoenix park with the boys and dog.  Then got completely fleeced in the Interpretive Centre for 3 small hot chocolates and 2 coffees.  €26!!  1 cookie, 2 muffins and a beetroot and chocolate slice for me.  Is that expensive or am I naive?
I was meant to be working the market in Balbriggan.  Myself and M had a stall organised where we were going to be selling our wares.  It got cancelled yesterday at 3pm which was a complete and utter pisser as I had stayed up all night before making bloody fairycupcakes.  Still, it could've been worse.  I could have iced them!
Our puddings are going to be the big hit I think and that's what we're going to go hell for leather on.  
Too tired to be either funny or insightful so going to go now rather than bore you further.  Nice of me, eh?
Here you go though, some fab photos of the snow.  Some fab photos of our puddins too.
Stay warm, drink lots of tea and enjoy both.


  1. That's expensive! Great photos of you all.

  2. It is, isn't it? I thought it was just me being tight lol. I wouldn't mind but two of them wouldn't drink their hot chocolate because it was made from powder and 'not like the one I make'. Grumpy gits. The one I make involves melting leftover chocolate in milk heheh.