16 December, 2010

She's Alive. She's alive!!!

But only just.  Hanging on in here by the skin of my teeth.  Desperate headache that I am refusing to feed with more drugs as I am convinced that's what my body wants.  Drugs or water?  One or the other.  So I guess I should drink more water.  And have a shower.  And get to the bottom of the list of stuff I have to do.  Writing the list would be a good place to start too I guess.
It's been a mental couple of weeks.  Did the market.  Realised we were a little over ambitious with our jars of cookie mix.  Turns out not everyone likes to bake.  Not even if you write the instructions big and make it fun and easy.  Thing is, I kinda get it.  I love to bake.  Love to eat the results too.  But I don't really like baking with the boys, it stresses me out.  Something I have to get over as they have noticed that I bake with other kids and, according to the photos, seem to enjoy it.  How to explain to them that I do enjoy it because it's in someone else's kitchen and I don't have to clean up the mess.  Still, going to do something nice with them tomorrow.  Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday (my birthday - whooohooo) are my last free days before Christmas.  As such I should be getting well stuck in and tackling all I have to do here.  An example (in no particular order - as usual) 

  • Write Christmas cards.  ESPECIALLY the ones that need to leave the country for different continents.
  • Sit down and order food for dinner online (cheers Shinners - thanks to your good self I am building my basket in Superquinn.  Delivery is booked for the 22nd and I don't have to fight with traffic.
  • Fight with traffic to get remaining presents.
  • Work out where I'm going to put 8 adults and 3 boys to sleep on Christmas Eve.
  • Hoover.  Everywhere.  Guests coming.
  • Source remaining presents.  It's starting to scare me now.
  • Change all beds.
  • Feed the birds (damn, got that Mary Poppins song in my head now).
  • Empty dishwasher.
  • Dust.
  • Empty my floordrobe.
  • Recycling.
  • Be at school to paint kids so that they do actually resemble kings, sheep, donkeys, cows and camels!!
  • Hoover garden so that it doesn't look so grotty.  Bloody birds throwing their seeds everywhere. 
  • Do a dance so it DOESN'T snow.  Can't cope with snow until Christmas eve.
  • Make: a Christmas cake, another Christmas cake, a Rubik's cube and 3 ginger cakes.
Am looking at this list and it doesn't actually seem that daunting so why am I doing so much avoiding getting down to it?  I mean, if I just started at the top and worked my way down I'm sure I'd get somewhere . . .  . . but . . . .  me and the borrowed boy want to play with the lego.  I also want to stay in jammies for as long as possible.  It's cold outside.  Etc. etc.

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