23 March, 2011

Doncha love it when it's sunny?

Am sitting in the garden enjoying the last rays of sunshine and typing this.  Typing this and fending off # 2.  Typing this and, at the same time as fending off #2, I'm looking for new cake recipes.  Aaagh.  Think it's time to go back inside.  
However, it's sunny and the last rays of sunshine always have that delicious orange-y glow that makes you feel happy so perhaps I'll stick it out
# 2 is having the WORST DAY EVER as neither Himself or myself want to go out with him whilst he cycles around the estate.  I don't want to go because I'm searching for the perfect recipe - the cakes I thought were perfect, I made them today, are too cinnamon-y, so cinnamon-y in fact you can't taste the apple.  Himself is making his baked ham so he is definitely not allowed to leave the kitchen.
Poor # 2.  A great dinner and a fabulous dessert and he's still not happy.  Pah!
Oooh, just remembered that I have a Mad Men boxset.  I think I shall sneak upstairs and feck the perfect recipe.

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