20 March, 2011


We went out to DunLaoghaire today.  It was such a sunny day and they have such a good food market out there we decided to give it a go.  I got to pick the music for the car too so today we had Nevermind by Nirvana and The Stone Roses by the Stone Roses.  But that's not the 'what' was about.  Himself is driving and #1 pipes up from the back and says:

#1  Dad, did you know that petrol is over a pound sterling in England now?
Himself.  Nope.
# 1  Dad, but Bull Sperm is £12,000stg per litre.  Way dearer.
Himself.  @>!????
Me.       WHAT???

Yeah, he's got his finger on the pulse alright has my son.  

I recommend everyone go to DunLaoghaire for the market.  I had lovely Chinese dumplings.  #1 had falafel and #s 2 and 3 had both sausage sambos from Irish free range pigs.  The man selling the sausages said he both loved his pigs for their company and their flavour!  Yum.  Actually, had a really nice time.  Just so pleasant to be chilling out and hanging out together.  We did pass a couple who were resting against the fence on the seafront.  She was expecting and I have a feeling it was their first child.  I got that feeling because they kept looking at the lads and the muck and state of them as they play fought and laughed and shouted and smiling at each other.  When the fighting got a little less playful and a touch more competitive they looked a little more worried.  I told them that 'no, they never stopped' and 'yes, it was worth it'.  
We also had a conversation on the way home about the word 'adored'.  As in 'what does it mean?'  Said it meant loved.  #3 wanted to know what a board had to do with being loved and then # 3 said he was bored too and .. . .   Still, it's official.  They like the Stone Roses.
Oh and #1 asked if I so needed girlie stuff in the house why didn't I just paint the PlayStation pink???
And, we all had our first 99 of the year.  Happy days.
Shall tell you about my non pointy elbows and dinner out last night during the week.

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