30 March, 2011

A funny twist.

# 1 began winding up #s 2 and 3 the other day about how they were in fact monkeys.  Not little boys at all.  Himself joined in and explained how he had to shave # 2 every other night but only had to shave # 3 once a week.  The latter because the youngest chap is fair and a lot less hairy than # 2.  We've been pissing ourselves over it as they're not quite sure how to take it all.  I mean, it's one thing for # 1 to wind them up but for Himself and Myself to add our tuppence worth??
So, imagine our delight today when the following picture was published in the Irish Times.  Yup, Lena has had a baby.  Happy Mother's Day to her (and aren't you a little thrown too by how alike we look to apes?).
Photograph: Conor Healy/Dublin Zoo

You can find the full article here.

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