28 March, 2011

Remember when . . .

. . . I used to fill this in every day and tell you all the funny stuff that was going on?  I am so sodding busy and tired and headache laden that I don't have the time, energy or brain power to remember the funny stuff.  Never mind actually write it down.  It's pissing me off too as this was all about keeping track of the stuff the boys did and said.  And what I said in return.
So, in a bid to get back to the reason why I started this I'm going to tell you about how we went leprechaun hunting yesterday.  Yup, you read correctly.  We went leprechaun hunting yesterday in the Cooley Mountains in Carlingford.  One of my favourite and most beautiful places in the world.  It's fabulous.  I'd read about it in the Irish Times and, for once, both they and I got the date right.  Himself was a bit iffy about hunting leprechauns as he said it was unethical.  Once I'd managed to get to the bottom of that one (he actually thought we were hunting little people dressed up as little people!).  Seriously??  Like, SERIOUSLY??
Anyway, rounded up a pal for # 1 and off we set.  Took ages to get up there as Carlingford is one of those places you think is closer than it is.  I, and Himself, always think that once you get over the toll and past the bridge that it's just around the corner.  It's not!!  By the time you get to Carlingford you're closer to Belfast than Dublin.  
We got stuck behind some bike racers and I started to panic and started driving like I actually lived in Louth i.e. fast.  The cyclists kept managing to keep up with us, fair fecks to them.  I mean, could you cycle at 60kph for 6 hours?  Not I!
Eventually we got there, it was always just around another corner, and bought our licenses.  You're not allowed to prospect for the little fellas unless you have a license.  It's all for a good cause, local hospital in this case, and we were happy to buy six licenses.  Mind you, when we came back down the mountain empty handed we weren't feeling so charitable.  
Once you have your licence you wait for the pipe band to strike up and then you follow the band up the mountain!!  Yes.  We went up the fecking mountain.  We didn't know we were going to be  going up a mountain but up the mountain we went.  Of course # 3 started whining before we'd even left the square.  By the time we were halfway up (bet you're all humming the grand old duke now) he was in full "My legs hurt, the horror, oh god" mode.  We got up the hill, eventually, and collapsed in a field only to find out that we were still a bit away from the markers and those dots way, way, way away were actually kids trying to find the bloody little creatures.  We were all meant to hang onto our kids but, it's only a mountain and sure they'd eventually have to come down sometime, right?  So all the parents collapsed in a heap and let the kids run wild.  I didn't find any leprechauns but I did stand in more sheep poop than I care to think about.  Himself didn't find leprechaun either but whilst pissing himself laughing at #3 falling down the mountain he too went arse over tit and went tumbling past me.  #3 then pissed himself laughing.
#1 and his pal were convinced the air was too thin to breathe and kept collapsing on piles of sheep poop.  Oh, and # 2 slipped on the 'shortcut down' and got tangled up in brambles.  I bent down to see if he was okay and walloped him on the head with my camera lens.  It's safe to say he wasn't okay by that point.
We met more people in the mountains that we knew than one really should when that far from home and it was brilliant
I handed # 3 his hat and told him to look after it himself and, lo and behold, what should he find in it but a leprechaun (purchased by me on the qt).  He was delighted with himself especially when I told him it must've sneaked in when we weren't looking.  # 2 was gutted because he didn't get anything in his hat.  "Snot fair, even # 1 got something!".  #1 hadn't actually got anything, what was in his hat was his own tshirt.  But #2 couldn't be consoled so we bought bags of tayto and coke and some wispas and hit the road.
I'll do it again next year but I'm bringing a big stick and I'm training Billy (the wonderdog) to sniff out little people.  Not just pretty little jack russells that answer to the name Rosie.
I recommend you do it.  It's brilliant.  All monies  to the local hospital and exercise and a view of the lake that has just got to be seen to be believed.  
Oh, and we found a sheep's skull.  We had one of those in our old house and I forgot to bring it with us.  I like skulls.  Just in case you were wondering.  Also, if you want to keep an eye on the hunt for next year, here's the link for you.
See?  Not even out of the square and he's off.
 We caught this one but had to release her, only allowed bring the small ones home.  Doh!
 And, when they were up they were still not even halfway there.
 Poor feckers.  
 Billy, trained to find chips unfortunately.  Sigh.
 Check out cheeky Rosie in the background there, also note Billy's smile.
 You must find a ceramic one Billbo.  It's worth 100 euro!!!  You must!!!!
 Small helicopter about to crash into # 1's head.
 All happy
All shattered.  With a sore head too.  And a hungry belly.  And a scratched hand.  Oh.

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