19 April, 2011

A great nigh with great friends

The very wonderful Parent's Association at #s 2 and 3's school organised a quiz night last night. Not a fund raiser just a good night out. Shame it wasn't a fund raiser as they could've made a killing. It was a fantastic night. We didn't win but we did come second and our team were better looking! Waaaay better dancers too.
Paul Furey did his thing, comedy, clowning and quiz master extrodinaire. He rocked. Himself actually got up to dance and Mr. R most certainly danced. Boy but that man can move. Shoving a mammy across the dancefloor by moshing may not do his reputation much good though.
My lovely friend, yer wan with the four boys, got very competitive and Himself and her were especially determined. She invited me over for a game of something with all the boys. But ONLY if she and Himself were on the same team. We'll see how that goes. Actually, I shouldn't but I will, she was spinning me around and around shouting "How's the Vertigo Niamh?? How's the Vertigo???" and cackling away madly to herself only to go splat on the dancefloor!!! Who's cackling now Pal? Huh, huh? Yeah, me!!!!! It was very funny. She fell and was up on her feet before anyone noticed (at least that's what we're telling her) with that face on that you get when you fall in public. You know the one, it's the one where you glare around demanding to know why the pavement tripped you etc. etc. Very funny.
What else happened? Oh yeah, I won a voucher to stay in a hotel (up the road) for dinner and breakfast and I am going to use it. People drunkenly volunteered to mind the boys and I'm taking them up on it. Now you're seeing the advantages of staying sober when everyone else is hammered. You remember stuff that they don't!
Oh, and me and Ms. UrbanStems took our friendship to a whole new level. We danced together. And we were fabulous. In our heads. We mammy danced. But we did it together and that has brought us even closer.  When we left Himself went "Holy Fuck, look at the moon!!! It's huuuuuuge" Ms.Urban spun around and looked all over the place(??!) for the moon and couldn't find it??? "It's there, you bint!" I says. "??????????" says she. She reminded me of the pigs in space bit from the muppets. Which is why I've posted the muppets for you to enjoy.
Yup, good company, good friends and great music and a bottle of wine (or two) lead to the best nights out. So, Aedin, Anna, Dara, Norma, Sinead, Roy, Karen, Claire, Paul and Himself thanks for a great night out. It was, more or less, exactly what the doctor ordered. Love each and every one of you. Aedin, I especially love you. You are the sarkiest, funniest person I know and you rock.
To see what Ms. UrbanStems looked like when looking for the moon go straight to 2.22


  1. You are hilarious but yet I still love you! Pigs in space!! If I am Miss Piggy who are you?! xxx

  2. I'm the cool chick. The one with long blonde hair?? OR Gonzo?!