06 April, 2011


Had a very lovely day today.  Sunshine and friends.  More sunshine and then I come home from kickboxing to find the lovely Duncan has left in 846!!!!!! flakes for our cupcake stall.  Holy Moly.  Well, there was 846.  Now there is 838,  We had to test them you see.  A couple of times!!
Went back (I tried typing that word 'back' in several times but kept typing 'bake') to kickboxing tonight and boy am I going to be sore tomorrow.  Which isn't a good thing as I have a big cake to put together.  Also paid my €55 to make sure I go back next week.  And the week after.  I so want to be a skinny girl.  
No news as such.  The lovely Ms. C has been confined to hospital and bedrest as she is now unable to walk unaided.  She's got a big bubba in her belly.  Normally Ms. C would be stressed at being confined to bed but she is so tired she nearly fell at the nurse's feet in gratitude.  Shall go see her on Friday and bring magazines.  Lots and lots of magazines.  Then I have to come home and make 200 cupcakes for Saturday and a birthday cake for # 2.  Originally he wanted a Thriller style cake but I managed to veto that so I am going to surprise him with a Little Big Planet cake.  Very excited.  #1 got several burgers dropped into his class last Friday by yours truly.  He's had fast food theme cakes for the past couple of years so this year, with his lovely teacher's permission, I made every kid a burger that was a cake.  April Fools and all that.  
Oh, and that was mental in itself.  The lovely Ms. M. offered to help me out because she could see that I was getting really stressed with all that was going on last week so she said she'd make #1's burgers.  "Will make 'em out of whoopie pies".  I was thrilled, I had a wedding cake and a New York theme cake going cake out on the same day so was happy for all the help I could get.  So, Himself went to Ms. M's house to drop off my cupcakes for the market stall and collected the burgers.  He arrived in with a bowl of burgers and I asked him where the rest of it was,  "Where are the burgers?".  "This is all I got".  "Aaagh".  Then . . . . a  . . .  slow . . .  dawning happened.  I asked for burgers and I got burgers.  If I'd wanted the burger bun I should have asked for it.  It's that AmericanIrish breakdown in communication me and Ms. M. sometimes have.  It was funny.  Not at the time but the next day it was very, very funny.  
No funny kid stuff today.  # 1 is turning into moody teenagers three years too early.  # 2 wants sand to turn his weird looking paper monster into a proper stone gargoyle (haven't the nerve to tell him I'm NOT buying PLAYSAND!!!  But instead an going to sneak down to the beach on Saturday and nick a zippy bag's worth.  #3 is not feeling well.  Which means we're all suffering.  He and I are very much cut from the same cloth.  I was moaning at Himself because we were having shepards pie AGAIN?  Only to have # 3 come in and do the same.  Ungrateful feckers the pair of us. Especially me, I haven't made a dinner in  months. MONTHS!!!  So, in that case, can I really complain if I'm reduced to eating man meals?


  1. What a neat post! Looking forward for more post from you. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Cheers Mr Sydney and thanks for dropping by.