05 April, 2011

Yup, I still hate papier mache or however the hell you spell it.

# 2 has been hounding me for weeks (I do mean WEEKS) now to make him a gargoyle.  Out of paper.  To attach to his bed.  Apparently it's a 'fourpartattack'.  Bleugh.  From the programme 'art attack'.  We recorded it about a year ago and I deleted it about 11 months ago.  It's much harder to make off stupid silly teeny, tiny pictures off the web.  Much harder.  And I'm bloody arty.
One of the hardest things is he wants to take over and make it all by himself.  Hmmm?  Yeah!!
Y'see, I'm a perfectionist.  Well, I try to be.  So for me to sit down and make a gargle out of pva glue and last week's Irish Times and kitchen roll and then not be allowed to ensure the wings are straight.  Or that he does have a snout and it's not lopsided is proving very difficult.  Thankfully he got distracted by Sponge bob so I was able to er, reshape it whilst he looked away.  Oi!  Don't judge me.  I know you remake the Christmas tree after the kids have decorated it!
Either way, both with and without my help, the gargoyle is drying on the kitchen counter  Slap bang in the middle of it to be precise because I put it there when I chased after the borrowed boy and his poopy arse and it stuck!  The gargoyle not the poopy arse.
Tomorrow I have to go and buy 10kg of play sand so I can cover the gargoyle in pva glue, cover the table in a protective covering and cover the gargoyle in sand.  So he looks like he's made of stone!!  Then I get to paint it. Or rather, watch it being painted and then help to shade it in properly when # 2 has gone to bed.
The shite thing about the whole thing is now #3 wants to make one too. But he wants his to be bigger (of course).
Still, not really complaining as the very fact that I have made a gargoyle with #2 and finger puppets with #3 (last week) means I am slowly, but surely, getting back on track to doing something with the boys.  I've been so out of it with cakes and looking for cake stuff and dreaming about cakes that I was in danger of spending no real time with them.  I mean, I was physically here but mentally?  Miles away.  
Gargoyles are hard to make.  Finger puppets easier   Yeah, it seems to be balancing out.  Life that is not the sodding gargoyle that #2 made.  I should have interfered earlier.

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