09 May, 2011

End of an era

Today I took a test and failed.  
Hmmmmm?  For the past few weeks I've been quietly nervous about something.  I thought I might be pregnant, sore boobs and the like.  But, I have a coil in.  A coil that is now just a coil and not loaded with anti-pregnancy hormones because apparently they ran out in February.  I forgot they ran out.  
So today I went to the doctor for a check up and to enquire about a new coil.  
She did a pregnancy test.
I failed.
I am not pregnant.
I think I'm a little bit sad.  
God, but I'm hard to please.
I was nervous that I was pregnant because I am now close to 39.  Himself isn't working and we have three boys who put a fairly hefty strain on purse strings etc. what with school books and shoes.  Never mind the endless food they eat.  Boys in this house just eat and grow.  A baby would have been pressure.
But now there is no baby and by getting the merina in I am basically saying no more babies.  The hormones last five years, by then I'll be 44 and, well, that's that not what I want at 44.

But I'm a little bit sad.  Actually, I'm more than a little sad.  


  1. I loved your post about the guest towels. Hilarious! Wish I read the guest towel post after this one cos I would be laughing instead of pondering the thought myself!! The end of the era is difficult to accept. You are healthy, have a beautiful family and a growing company and a shrinking waistline now to think of!! Big hugs xxxx

  2. Yup, I agree. Sadness is going now. I think I'm more 'upset' (if that's the word) about growing up lol x