05 May, 2011

Guest Towels

Do you have them for your guests?  I do.  I say 'I' because Himself isn't aware that any such thing exists.  Surely towels are just towels?  Right?  Nope!!
Had a very super quick shower this afternoon.  Was covered in icing sugar and cake detritus and, oh the shame, but I started sneezing furiously and . . .  I peed a little!!!!  There were no towels flung over the Bannister to air (is mine the only house that uses towels after the kids use them??) so I grabbed a towel from the press.  But it was tiny.  Well, slightly bigger than hand towel but no bath sheet.  There, chilling out in the back of the press, were the pile of fluffy white and delicious ice cream coloured stripe towels that are reserved for visitors and visitors only!!!!
Only thing is.  No one comes to visit.  We have people over all the time for dinner, supper, plain old drinking but rarely do they stay the night.  I think it's the thought of them being awoken by #2 standing over them.  Staring.  Willing them awake that has put so many of our friends off.  Either way, we have FOUR beautiful, soft, fluffy guest towels that no guest ever uses.  Because there are no guests.
So why am I saving them?  Why am I using the knackered towels, some of which are older than #1 when I have such delights in the hot press?
Am I the  only one?  Hmmmm?
Short story long, I used the lovely towels and it is now draped over the bannister for the next grub-ster than comes along.

Whilst I think of it.  I also have 'special' teapots, cups and saucers, cake plates, milk jugs!!! Sugar bowls and candles that only ever see the light of the day when someone special comes to tea.  When I really know them, and they really know me, we revert to teabag in a cup (unless there is more than two), big mugs, milk carton on table and biscuits straight out of the pack.  Damn it, I so want to impress and I just can't.

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