27 June, 2011

Gotta get organised

We are heading off a couple of days.  Over to England to see the rest of the family and to go to LONG:LEAT.  I've wanted to go there since I was a kid.  So very excited.
But first I need to make 40 mushrooms, a bow and a wedding cake.  Plus, I have to find my glasses.  How does one lose the glasses they are wearing??  Thankfully, have a spare pair or two but I really loved those glasses.  Sigh.
# 2 is desperately excited.  He really can't wait and I'm excited for him.  But first I've got so much to do, so here begins a list.  Another list.  Perhaps I should do lists of my lists?

  • Clean out reptiles.
  • Find someone who isn't freaked out by the idea of feeding said reptiles.
  • Find glasses.
  • Sort playroom, the place terrorises me!  How can three little people create such a mess.  Wouldn't mind if the playroom was at the back of the house but it's not.  It's right at the front.  Where people can look in and judge me!  LOL.
  • Buy # 1 some new pairs of shorts - he's beat into the ones from last year.  The boy is growing like a weed.
  • Find driver's licence.
  • Buy birthday presents.
  • Find glasses, would make it easier to do all of the above.
  • Drink lots of water - boy, but it's humid here.
  • Find the back of the camera.  #3's camera, apparently it's my fault it's gone.
  • Remember to bring pillows.  I like my pillow.  Cos I'm a sap.
  • Find glasses.
  • Pack rain jackets, sun hats and sun cream.
  • Tax car.
  • Wash, iron, tidy stuff away.
  • Tidy stuff away,just in case neighbours need to come in and see what a slattern I am.
  • What a slattern Himself is.  He's the one who seems to be holding it all together right now.  Three cheers for Himself.
  • Return the book I bought last Thursday.  The one I've read and still bought twice since??

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